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Special Issues

Vol. XXIV, n. 3, 2016. Shifting Boundaries. Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity .

Edited by Mario Cedrini and Stefano Fiori

Vol. XXIII, n. 3, 2015. Law and Economics in 20th–century Europe: History and Methodology .

Edited by Sophie Harnay and Thierry Kirat

Vol. XXII, n. 3, 2014. A Great Depression, Again?

Edited by Jonathan Kirshner, Jan Kregel and Roberto Marchionatti

Vol. XXII, n. 1, 2014. Aspects of the History of Welfare Economics.

Edited by Tamotsu Nishizawa, Marco Dardi and Katia Caldari

Vol. XX, n. 2, 2012. Siena workshop. "Alternative Approaches to the Building of Economic Dynamics in the Years of High Theory" .

Edited by Massimo Di Matteo and Franco Donzelli

Vol. XVIII, n. 2, 2010. Complexity and the Organization of Economic Life.

Edited by David A. Lane and Pietro Terna

Vol. XVII, n. 2, 2009. The Political Economy of Saint-Simonism.

Edited by Abdallah Zouache

Vol. XVI, nn. 1-2, 2008. Economic Policy during the Planning Era in Italy. Theories, History, and Documents .

Edited by Riccardo Faucci

Vol. XV, n. 1, 2007. New Perspectives on the Schumpeter Frontier.

Edited by Christian Seidl

Vol. XI, n. 1, 2003. On the History of Continental and North-American Business Cycle Theory during the Interwar Period

Edited by Richard Arena

Vol. IX, n. 3, 2001. Della Moneta by Ferdinando Galiani: A Quarter Millennium Assessment .

Edited by Riccardo Faucci and Nicola Giocoli

Vol. VII, nn. 1-2, 1999. Subjectivism, Information and Knowledge in Hayek’s Economics.

Edited by Richard Arena

Vol. V, n. 3, 1997. On Re-reading Pareto.

Edited by Riccardo Faucci

Vol. I-II, n. 3-1, 1993-4. Essays on Gustav Schmoller.

Edited by Jurgen Backhaus